Big Red Foodie

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This gift is for exactly who you think it's for. We ALL know a person who refers to themselves as a "big foodie" and, you know what - we are too! Created to feed the souls (and bodies) of your gourmand friends or family, The Big Red Foodie is jam packed with our favourite pieces from WA's chefs and makers... plus some red, red wine!

With the foundations of a big ol' cook up, this is the gift to give the one who believes that people who love to eat (and drink wine) are always the best people...

Vine Collective Pinot Noir

Sourced from a single site, this rustic Pinot Noir by Vine Collective was fermented wild and aged in French oak. As is their way, there was minimal intervention, and the wine was bottled without fining or filtration. Breathe in and you'll get dark fruits, sip and find  earthy notes of rhubarb, pepper, berry and spice.

Ciao Pasta Trottoloni x 230g

Made from 100% Australian durum wheat semolina - now regarded by Italian millers/producers as some of the best in the world - and purified water, the curly trottoloni style is beautifully textured so as to hold sauces with superiority! This ain't your usual store bought pasta - it's so good your dinner guests will never know it wasn't made by hand in your own kitchen. We fully encourage saying it was!

Vine Collective Olive Oil x 250ml

Vine Collective are gypsy makers, following minimal and low intervention, who source quality fruit and local produce to create a line up of delicious pantry goods. This is a dry grown single site Kalamata extra virgin olive oil from Cowaramup, naturally settled and bottled without filtration.

Rickles Pickles Firehawk Hot Sauce

Firehawks smoke out their prey by dropping burning sticks on to the unburnt land. Be like the fire hawk and take some heat with you where ever you go! This hot sauce is made by slowly fermenting ingredients harvested at their prime over the Summer and Autumn months. Five types of Carnarvon chillies kick things off, bringing spice and fruity heat. Vine ripened Kirup tomatoes are smoked with local wood, and bringing it all together with a touch of sweetness are new season Donnybrook pink lady apples.

Vinofood Red Wine, Thyme and Onion Jam x 200g

Add plenty of flavour to any dish with this onion, thyme and red wine jam using fresh, Western Australian grown red onions. Enjoy with hummus for an easy dip, serve with roasted meats or make our delicious goat’s cheese and onion jam tart. Once you've tried your first jar, you'll never look back!

Coogee Common Fennel Salt x 37g

From the legends behind Coogee Common, Bread in Common, Gordon Street Garage and more comes the delightful little pot of fennel salt - just one item from their delectable range of pantry goods, formulated by executive chef Scott Brannigan and his incredible team!

Bahen & Co Macadamia Honey Milk Chocolate x 75g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Slow roasted Australian Macadamias, drizzled with Jarrah honey, meet Bahen's delicous organic milk chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic raw sugar, organic milk powder, organic cacao butter, macadamias & Jarrah honey

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