Daily Gin

$120 AUD

We have a love affair with gin, and we guarantee we're not the only ones. There's something so satisfying about pouring out a glass of the "good stuff" and this Haiver drop is so good it could easily become your "daily" go-to gin of choice. 

This gift has everything you need (and more) in one neat package, with some of our favourite products - she's giving you citrus, she's giving you lemon myrtle, she's giving you life. Plus, a block of deliciously velvety chocolate by Bahen & Co (another daily staple for us and, we suspect, you...) and you've got a classic pressie for a classy guy or gal.

Haiver WA Daily Gin x 500ml

Bright with pronounced citrus on the nose, oily lemon with hints of sage, and a slight terpey pine undertone. Once sipped, you’ll notice big juniper hit accompanied by a creamy lemon sherbet like mid-pallet. Lemon myrtle carries throughout the whole mouth as its pretty tenacious and hangs onto the back of the pallet creating a warmth throughout the gin. The Macadamia oil rounds out the experience by providing a long textural and creamy finish. ABV: 40%

Waves and Caves Dry Tonic x 2 bottles 300ml

This Indian Tonic is a lighter, lower sugar alternative! Containing just 4g of sugar per 100ml, this refreshing, all natural Dry Tonic handcrafted in Margaret River can be paired with any gin to create the ultimate full of flavour, lower calorie G&T alternative.

Bahen & Co Cherry & Coconut 70% Chocolate x 75g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time.

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