Gin Zing

$117 AUD

We have a love affair with gin, and we guarantee we're not the only ones. There's something so satisfying about getting to the end of a long week and pouring out a glass of the "good stuff" - so imagine the delight in receiving everything you need (and more) in one neat gift!

Haiver Modern Classic Gin x 500ml

Savoury, savoury, savoury! Haiver are the new kids on the (gin) block in Perth, and this is their take on a modern gin. They've added habanero and sunflower seed to create a relationship between fruit and savoury, a good whack of spice from cinnamon and bayleaf, and then a touch of sweetness from passionfruit - all of which is cold distilled, maintaining freshness and vigour. On the still, juniper has been macerated, distilled and vapour infused for maximum flavour. ABV: 40%

Waves and Caves Indian Tonic x 2 bottles 300ml

A full bodied Indian Tonic handcrafted in Margaret River utilising only the finest natural ingredients. A proprietary blend of pure filtered Margaret River water and all natural ingredients and botanicals to create a crisp, bold tonic water that balances perfectly with any gin.

Bahen & Co House Blend 80% Cacao Chocolate x 75g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Their darker house blend brings forth the chocolate makers craftsmanship to create the perfect blend of single origin cacaos. Ingredients: Cocoa beans and organic raw sugar

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