Gourmet Pantry

$100 AUD

We all know there's olive oil... and then there's GOOD olive oil, the kind that transforms a simple dish into a work of gastronomical art! We've created a gift that'll add some fancy pantry items to their cupboards, in order to whip them out and wow visitors (or treat themselves!)

This gourmet pack collects some of our favourite brands and makers together, with elevated versions of pantry staples - perfect for the foodie in your life, or someone who needs and deserves a touch of luxury! 

Ciao Pasta x 200g

Made from 100% Australian durum wheat semolina - now regarded by Italian millers/producers as some of the best in the world - and purified water, the pasta is beautifully textured so as to hold sauces with superiority! This ain't your usual store bought pasta - it's so good your dinner guests will never know it wasn't made by hand in your own kitchen. We fully encourage saying it was!

Ogilvie & Co Basil Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil x 100ml

Ogilvie's flavoured olive oils are produced using the traditional Italian method called agrumato where the olives and fresh basil are cold pressed together to produce a superior and fuller flavour than other flavoured or infused oils. Drizzle generously over fresh ripe tomatoes and red onion to create delicious bruschetta, pair with fresh Bocconcini and kalamata olives on a home made pizza, or use as a dressing on fresh salad leaves or finish pasta dishes with a burst of flavour!

Ogilvie & Co Roasted Hazelnut Honey x 300ml

Pure West Australian honey with whole roasted hazelnuts and a dash of liqueur, this amazing product is a best seller for a reason! Try serving with soft cheese and muscatels, or drizzle over coffee gelato for a decadent dessert. Add it to you homemade cheesecakes or puddings for a delicious twist, or just go full fancy and have it on really good toast!

Rickles Pickles Wholegrain Mustard x 190g

Australian Mustard seeds are pickled in apple cider vinegar, then blended with locally sourced raw honey, organic turmeric and W.A lake salt. The mustard is then given plenty of time to develop flavour and complexity. This mustard is great on a steak served with roast vegetables, spread in any sandwich, served with cheese or shaken up in to a salad dressing.

Paddock 2 Produce Orange and Rosemary Salt x 70g

With dehydrated orange zest, rosemary and Deborah Lake salt, Paddock 2 Produce create all quality gourmet essentials, something for everyone!

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