Orange You Glad

$80 AUD

When you're wanting to show someone that you care... you buy em beer and hot sauce and socks. OBVIOUSLY! Hit em with a four pack of Rocky Ridge's Ace IPA, the very best spicy sauce in the land by our friends Rickles, and snazzy footwarmers by Social Socks. We guarantee they won't be disappointed, and you'll be glad you did...

Rocky Ridge Ace IPA x 4

Big, bold and very well-balanced, this hoppy West Coast IPA is loaded with pine, mango and passionfruit characteristics that are backed up by a solid cracker malt backbone. Refined bitterness is complemented by a resinous mouthfeel in this punchy brew that will appeal to lovers of full-flavoured beers! Vegan Friendly, Gluten Reduced - all Rocky Ridge beers are brewed at their off-grid, carbon-neutral facility in Jindong, Western Australia. They're brewed naturally, the slow way, preservative-free and unpasteurised.

Rickles Firehawk Hot Sauce

Firehawks smoke out their prey by dropping burning sticks on to the unburnt land. Be like the fire hawk and take some heat with you where ever you go! This hot sauce is made by slowly fermenting ingredients harvested at their prime over the Summer and Autumn months. Five types of Carnarvon chillies kick things off, bringing spice and fruity heat. Vine ripened Kirup tomatoes are smoked with local wood, and bringing it all together with a touch of sweetness are new season Donnybrook pink lady apples.

Social Sock Club Stripey Socks x 1 pair

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